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Need a quick and easy way to share code snippets as images? Look no further than Code2Image, the innovative new tool that converts code into customizable images.

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With Code2Image, you can easily

  • Change the theme - Pick from a variety of color schemes and backgrounds to best showcase your code. Dark and light modes are available.
  • Switch programming languages - Support for all major languages including Python, JavaScript, C++, and more. The syntax highlighting auto-detects the language.
  • Customize fonts - Choose the font family, size, and padding to optimize readability.
  • Export as PNGs or SVGs - Download your code images or save them to the clipboard for easy sharing.
  • Whether you're writing a tutorial, sharing code samples on social media, or creating documentation, Code2Image streamlines the process of formatting and distributing code snippets. No more manually converting code to images!

Tech stack

  • ReactJS
  • NextUI
  • TailwindCSS
  • Zustand for simple state management

Some images




Happy coding 🎉

Code2Image - Turn code snippets into beautiful images in seconds | Product Hunt